What's a Picture Worth?

No Gig is too Small

By April 5, 2012 No Comments

6 years ago (almost to the day) I emceed Opening Day at PETCO Park to kick off the Padres season in front more then 40,000 spectators, not to mention everyone that was watching the game on TV.

On Saturday I emceed the St Mark Preschool scholarship fundraiser in front of more the 12 preschoolers, not to mention all of their parents.

In 2006 the Padres went on to win their 2nd consecutive N.L. West pennant, which also happens to be the last N.L. West pennant the team has won. How much did my performance on Opening Day contribute to their championship season, I would guess an awful lot.

On Saturday we raised more then $8,000, all of which goes back to the kids and the school. How much did my performance contribute to that number in a real world sense…again I think it’s pretty obvious.

Clearly I’ve got something special going here. Now if I could just land a bar mitzvah.

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