Philadelphia Metro

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Cool article in the Philadelphia Metro about the Tiny House Movement, and I’m not just saying that because they quoted me in the feature…okay, yes I am.

Seattle table

Tiny House Nation Renewed

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THN-NYC 03 small (4x3)

So this isn’t the worst news I’ve heard today, we got picked up for a second season! Click HERE for the story and another picture of me (this one with my arms crossed)!



UnScrewed to Air on History

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Great news everybody, I’m making my national TV debut on History Channel, Saturday Dec. 1st as the host of UnScrewed…a new competition reality show developed for the channel. It airs at 9am on History HD and at 12 noon on History’s standard def channel… but here’s the catch. This is just the pilot episode and unless you and all your friends watch it, I’ll be left to consider what might have been with “Right Said Fred”, “Biz Markie”, “Crash Test Dummies and the rest of the one-hit wonders.

That’s not a party I want to go to so please watch and maybe, just maybe History Channel will pick up the option.


D-Day: Plus 1

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On June 6th, 1944 the Allied troops invaded Normandy, France in an operation that has come to be known as D-Day. As I am sure most of you know that invasion changed the course of WWII…what you might not know is that the invasion was supposed to happen on June 5th, but it was delayed due to inclement weather.

That’s fitting, because as it turns out our little soldier wasn’t quite ready to storm the beaches either. Baby Dub is officially overdue.

In fact we had an appointment with our OBGYN today to determine whether or not we were ready to induce labor, which obviously we were not. What surprised me was how hard that news hit me. I was actually really emotional about it…apparently my subconscious thinks having a baby is a big deal.

Megan wasn’t exactly thrilled about the news either, after all she’s the one doing all the work, and neither of us wanted to go sit at home and stew in that news. So we didn’t. Instead we went to Balboa Park and had ourselves an awesome day.

Little did we know the first Tuesday of every month (today) scores San Diego County residents free admission to the Ruben H. Fleet Space Center, the San Diego Railroad Museum and the Natural History Museum. I’m mean if it’s free, it’s for me, right?

It was a great escape filled with lots of information and plenty of photo ops. I call this one, “Did You Hear That?” Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the answer to be, “All I hear is a baby”.


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I am pleased to announce that I will be back at the helm of Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Live program again this fall. If you have no idea what I am talking about, what’s wrong with you?! Fantasy football is bigger then The Twilight Breakup and Fantasy Football Live is the longest running, most popular fantasy football show on the web. Oh yeah and I’m the host!

It’s 1 hour of live, interactive, fantasy football gold right when you need it most…the hour before kickoff. You can call us, email us, tweet us, hang out in the chat room or just watch the show online. Either way you’re going to get your questions answered, which means you’re going to be smarter then whoever you’re playing that week…and that means you get to keep talking smack.

Your Welcome.

The Many Moods of John Weisbarth

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For 10 years, between the ages of 25 and 35, I had a job that did not allow me to grow facial hair… except for a mustache on two different occasions, but that’s a story for another post. The 10 years prior to that, from puberty to my mid-twenties, I didn’t have the “juice”, or the huevos for that matter, to grow the patchy beard that was dying to run free on my face. I did sport a pretty rocking neck-beard after a backpacking trip in the late 90’s though.

Still I had never been able to fully enjoy my birthright as a man and grow out my beard…until now. In what amounted to a month long experiment I learned a few things, and had a few things that I already suspected, confirmed.

What I learned…

1. I have a tri-colored beard. Mostly red with some black hairs and more grey then I had hoped for.
2. Some people loved the way my beard looked.
3. Lot’s of people didn’t love the way my beard looked.

What was confirmed…

1. My wife definitely does not enjoy kissing me when I have a beard
2. Beards are itchy a lot of the time
3. Shaving your beard down piece by piece is AWESOME

I present to you (in order of appearance) “The Full Beard”, “Chops”, “The 90210”, “The Goat”, “The Major League Closer”, “The I Drive a Van with Teardrop Windows”, and finally “Baby-Face Weisbarth”.

Surfing Dogs and Soap Stars: Update

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After what I can only assume has been weeks of intense anticipation for all of you, I am happy to say the Good Morning America feature starring me and Cameron Mathison has finally hit the internet. While I clearly carried the piece, Cameron did a nice job as well. I honestly think that if he sticks with it he might be able to carve out a nice little career for himself.

For those of you too busy to sit through 3:20 of dog surfing video, feel free to skip ahead to the last 20 secs. That’s when it really gets good.