Television and Film

With more then a decade of live television experience and 7 regional Emmy Awards to his name, John Weisbarth brings his high energy and award winning style to every project he touches.

Quick witted and affable, he’s not afraid to laugh at himself, and John’s ability to connect with people is one of his greatest assets. As host of "Tiny House Nation" on A&E, John shows off his versatility by helping families prepare for the extreme downsizing it takes to live in less then 500 sq ft.

In his Emmy Award winning golf reality show, "Playing Through with John Weisbarth", John gets to show off his love of golf while treating a lucky “weekend warrior” to the round of his life. Beautiful courses, incredible prizes and some of the wildest games you’ve ever seen on the links…all punctuated by the easy smiles and unique entertainment we have come to expect from John.

As host and co-creator of the web-series “Quick Fix”, John shows off his versatility by helping homeowners “take back their home” with simple weekend handyman projects. In his Emmy nominated segment “Anything You Can Do”, he teams up with athletes of all shapes and sizes to learn first hand the ins and outs of their particular craft.

Whether it’s ice skating with Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen, skippering Dennis Connor’s “Stars and Stripes” across San Diego Bay, or fixing a leaking toilet…John is right at home.


John was born in Jacksonville, FL but has made his home in Southern California since the ripe old age of three…which technically means he is not a native, but it’s close enough. Growing up in Coronado, CA John embraced the active So Cal lifestyle, playing soccer and baseball competitively, and everything else for fun.
When John was 12 years old he starred in the full-length feature film “The Treasure”, along side nobody you’ve ever heard of. In fact, the film was never released in the theaters and went straight to video, though it is reportedly huge in Luxemburg.

In high school John was a 4-year letter winner in soccer and was named to the California State Olympic Development soccer team during his Junior year. That success and level of training helped him to be the first guy cut from UCSB’s open soccer tryouts 2 years later.

With his dreams of eking out a living as a professional soccer player dashed, John turned to radio. It was during his time as Sports Director at the campus radio station, KCSB 91.9 FM, that John decided if he couldn’t play sports professionally, maybe he could talk about them for a living.