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Well I’ll be Damned

By March 10, 2012 No Comments

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of superstitious streak in me. I blame it on playing sports growing up. We all know that for most athletes the word “superstition” could probably be replaced with “routine”. After all, a lot of superstitions are born out of routine (eating the same pregame meal) and it’s certainly what they become. The fact is if you think you’re playing well because you’re wearing your lucky underwear, then you are. It’s a mental thing.

For me though, that’s where superstition ends. I don’t believe in bad omens or tarot cards or voodoo…and I don’t believe in fortune cookie fortunes. I refuse to believe that Confucius is sitting at some Starbucks somewhere banging away fortunes on his Mac Book. That said, this was my fortune tonight. The same night that my wife told me we could officially announce our pregnancy to the world!

Pretty crazy, right? Not only am I going to be a dad but now I have to rethink my stance on fortune cookies. My world is turning upside down.